Candidates Corner

Pivotal Talent Search is a team of search industry veterans working with a variety of industries. When we reach out to you with an opportunity, we’ll tell you exactly who our client is and guide you through the interview process.


We are on your team and fully invested in your success. We’ll coordinate with you and formally present you to the prospective hiring companies  – highlighting your unique background and why you stand out against the competition.


We work with clients who are committed to the career development of our candidates. We’ll give you honest feedback about your resume content and presentation skills, and provide tips to help you interview with confidence.


Our recruiters understand you are not just a skill set. We work with you with a personalized and thorough approach. We listen to you. And we don’t present you to any companies without your knowledge and permission.


If questions arise as you progress through the hiring process – don’t hesitate to reach out to your recruiter directly. We’re here for you!

Interviewing Tips

Research, research, research!

Your interest in a job won't ring true if you know little to nothing about it. Research the company, industry, and people you’ll be meeting and be prepared to ask relevant questions.

Create an outline

Take some time before your interview to outline relevant specifics: your biggest projects, greatest wins (and losses), the “metrics” involved (i.e. budgets, manpower, ROI) - plus big picture topics like the “story” behind your career to date, inspiration and more. The exercise of making this outline will help your recall during the interview itself. If interviewing for a leadership/management role, be prepared to articulate your management philosophy and answer behavioral questions about how you handle employee relationships.

What do you have to offer?

Be sure to highlight accomplishments relevant to your interviewer's needs. Explain how you'll use them to solve problems or provide value for the business. Don't use hypothetical examples - use real work-related situations. Think in the terms of this framework:
Beginning: ``This was the situation.``
Middle: ``These are the steps I took to resolve the situation and why I chose them.``
End: ``This was the result.``

What are your weaknesses?

This dreaded question usually comes up in one form or another. Best to be prepared! Companies want to know if a candidate is self-aware. A genuine, thoughtful answer shows that you know yourself and the effect you have on others. There are always some ways we can grow.

Show your enthusiasm!

Companies want passionate employees with enthusiasm that will extend to their company or brand.

What not to wear

Perfume/cologne, bright make-up or nail polish, loud colors or clothing with slogans. No brainer, right? You’d be surprised. Ask about the dress code as many hiring managers now prefer candidates to dress more casually. Ask your recruiter about the environment and culture. Always be well groomed and look professional. You don’t want your interviewers to be distracted or make erroneous assumptions about you based on your appearance or clothing.

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