“They were able to save me about $60,000 on my recruiting budget!”– Donna

“My experience with this group of women was bar none the best that I have had with an agency.”– Jaime

“If you’re looking for a true partner, look no further; Pivotal really is the agency for you!”– Rachel

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Deep Patel
I'm happy to say that Pivotal Talent helped me find a great job at a promising company. Thanks to Ila Woolsey's careful review and support throughout the interview process, I landed a role that's a perfect fit for my skills and offers plenty of growth opportunities. I highly recommend Pivotal Talent to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced recruiter who genuinely cares about placing people in the right jobs.
Mark Wichman
The team at Pivotal are absolutely phenomenal! I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth, Jill and Ashley and I could not have asked for a better group of individuals to help me secure my dream job. From the initial contact, to the interview process and final job offer... this team was there to offer support, guidance and reassurance to foster an exceptional experience that will give you confidence that you have everyone on your side to champion your desire to grow in your career. The trust and authenticity that they exhibit is absolutely phenomenal. It's also the small things like sending you a text 5 minutes before a scheduled interview to say, " Good luck on your interview! You got this and we believe in you!"... they also follow up after every interview and conduct a pulse check to ensure you are feeling, how you or they can improve as well as how they can help streamline the process through communication, career coaching and to celebrate the wins/opportunities. Simply amazing.
Taylor Brown
I am so excited and pleased to share my experience working Ila and Julia from Pivotal Talent Search. Ila and Julia are the most helpful kind-hearted recruiters out there. In particular, they helped me prep for interviews, which made all the difference in the world. I got my dream job by using Pivotal's recruitment services! I highly recommend using Pivotal Talent Search to find your next position. Thank you so much!
Sarah Nichols
Jenna Weldon was very prompt and clear in her correspondence with me, and I felt supported and guided throughout the audition process!
Was assisted by Crystal through my hiring process. She was very professional and friendly and made the entire process very relaxed and easy. This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a recruiting/hiring process. Thank you!
Rodrigo Galicia
Crystal was my representative and was amazing. Kept me informed with everything going on and was able to get me the pay rate I was seeking. Thank you.
Ashley Carll
I worked a lot with Ila, and she was incredible! She stayed in contact with me throughout the entire experience, and did a great job of relaying progress and next steps. I would absolutely love to work with her again. Thanks again so much!
Jennifer Kanji
Great company to work with! Regular communication and feedback thorughout the recruitment process. I felt like I had someone in my corner - coaching, guiding, making suggestions to position myself as the best candidate.
RC Coletta
Amy and Ila were great throughout the entire hiring process. They communicated often and we super easy to work with. I would strongly recommend working with both of them if you’re looking for a new job or career. They are simply the best!!
Nat I
Crystal Wood made my interview experience an excellent one. She was thorough, succinct and provided a complete walkthrough of the process.
Asia was my representative, and I couldn’t have asked for a better professional. She was amazing during the whole process , keeping me in touch at all times. The group in general is amazing, and I would recommend in a heartbeat.
Crystal has very good communication. Excellent atention. Thanks for everything.
Amanda Flurer
Crystal was very helpful, knowledgeable and nice! I wouldn't have my new job if it wasn't for her.
Leslie Kibler
The Pivotal experience is like no other! They become part of your company and get to know you and your team. Their work ethic and the partnership they create with your company is incredible. I could not be more pleased with the results!
Sean Merron
Worked very thoroughly with me to fill multiple engineering roles. I loved the teams responsiveness and frequent updates!
Steve Topp
Thank you, Pivotal team. You are a great organization for sourcing top talent.
Suzanne Hook
I worked with 2 awesome consultants, Jill & Elizabeth, they were very professional and informative about every step to setting up the interview process to telling me I had the job. I strongly recommend this recruiting firm.
Tracy Byrne
Crystal was great to work with. She was able to make me feel comfortable during the interview and answered all of my questions.
Melissa Alston
Pivotal Talent Search is a great company to contract if you are looking for talent. While they are contracted, they ask very intentional questions to ensure they can immerse themselves into your culture to ensure they are finding mission aligned candidates. They are also very transparent with their feedback which is super helpful. Lastly, they are quick, dedicated and really work to fill empty spots. We have hired them for two different campaigns thus far, and will continue to look to them for hiring support in the future.
maggie zap
Crystal at Pivotal Talent Search is wonderful. Friendly, detailed and thoughtful!
Amber Sorg
I had a wonderful experience with Crystal Wood!! Highly recommend her!!
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