Food for Thought: Recruiting as a Fully Outsourced Corporate Function

Food for Thought: Recruiting as a Fully Outsourced Corporate Function | Pivotal Talent Search

As business becomes more and more competitive, the need to focus valuable resources becomes more and more important. Companies are constantly looking for ways to streamline and optimize all corporate functions – especially those that do not generate revenue and require fixed overhead regardless of market conditions. Why? They’re simply not flexible or cost-effective enough to meet ever-changing business needs in a modern world. In fact, clinging to traditional practices is holding many businesses back.

In-house recruiting is one of these functions. Recruiting is not a core strength of most companies. An in-house recruiting staff was a luxury companies could afford in past periods of steady growth, low turnover, and manageable competition. Today, growth surges and plateaus, employees are mobile and change jobs frequently, and competition is increasing.  A fixed overhead function that is under-utilized in slow times and unable to keep up during high growth is an outdated approach to a rapidly growing problem.

As the hiring need ebbs and flows, many companies are either stuck with too many recruiters when hiring needs are slim (while paying the corporate costs of fully loaded salaries, bonuses, benefits, PTO, etc.), or too few recruiters when hiring needs surge. This approach to recruiting is inherently inflexible. Thus arises the need to consider other alternatives. Enter outsourced recruiting.

Just imagine it! A business approach where recruiting is no longer an internal function, but rather a partnership with an experienced firm specializing in recruiting alone. We know – this idea is enough to give some a bit of mild anxiety. Outsourcing a traditional HR position wouldn’t be easy, let alone workable without addressing some key considerations. First and foremost, the outside recruiting firm would have to be true partners with the company it hires for. Though outsourced, the recruiters would need to become a part of the company’s team – working like an in-house department with a full understanding of the company culture, the position to be filled, and a vested stake in the outcome. Second, the firm would need a business model that is different from traditional recruiting firms and that fits the budget and business needs of the client.

Pivotal Talent Search is that partner.

Our full-cycle recruiting team can take on the entire function and responsibility of your company’s recruiting needs. That means a non-core function is taken off of your books and placed in the hands of a team of full-time, highly seasoned recruiters with the focus, training, and resources to source new talent for your hiring managers. No management required. Pivotal will match your hiring need as it ebbs and flows. Call on us only when you need active recruiting – and not when you don’t.

Pivotal Talent Search provides start-up and longstanding companies alike the best of both worlds with a dedicated recruiting team fully in-tune with your company’s needs and the flexibility to hire only when you need to. Contact us today to get started!