The Harsh Reality of Hourly Hiring

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Companies that rely on hourly employees are facing a real dilemma: job boards just aren’t what they used to be. Traditionally, employers could generate deep pools of resumes just by posting an opening on a job board. Now, in a candidate’s market, the quantity of job-seekers found through job boards has diminished, and the most qualified candidates are already employed – for both hourly and salaried positions.

This problem is uniquely difficult for industries that rely on hourly employees. From construction companies, to manufacturing, to general small businesses, a variety of industries have used job boards in place of hiring an in-house talent acquisition specialist or recruiter as a means of curbing costs and managing resources like time and energy. For small business owners and industries with modest profit margins, the lack of qualified candidates applying to job boards disrupts a critical cost model. Expensive alternatives and a lack of time and experience in sourcing new employees can leave employers short staffed and out of options.

Companies hiring hourly employees can work this problem in two types of ways. The first is to do everything possible to improve current hiring practices. This includes:

  • Implementing strict, industry and company specific standards designed for hourly hiring. These are your non-negotiables for a baseline workable hire.
  • Hiring more than “warm bodies.” Companies with next to no options often resort to hiring anyone available to fill a position. Don’t fall into the trap! Believe it or not, this is far more costly than an unfilled position.
  • Leverage local connections. Community organizations offer often untapped resources for these types of hires.
  • For those in the service industry (like retail) look to recruit your customers. They can be your best associates since they believe in your brand.

Even these stopgaps just don’t go the distance when hiring options are as scarce as they’ve become in the current job market. Further, each option requires an increased cost investment in the form of time, effort, and training of the current management or hiring team (if such companies have a dedicated hiring team at all).

The second solution for companies hiring hourly employees is to begin expanding their methods of hiring outside of current practices and job boards. If the cost of hiring is increasing across all industries, investing in recruiters provides an actual return on investment when other options do not – all without draining the resources and increasing the demand on the current management or HR staff.

Recruiting is often perceived as unaffordable (and so ruled out) for companies with limited hiring resources.

Enter Pivotal Talent Search

Unlike full-time recruiters, Pivotal Talent Search is only there when you need to source and hire new employees. Rather than paying a salary, benefits, and paid time off for an in-house recruiter you may only need for a fraction of the year, negotiate an hourly fee that works for your business with Pivotal. This way of doing business has saved our clients upwards of 30% on talent acquisition fees.

Plus, you’ll get the ROI you’re looking for. We source and vet candidates based on best-fit. If the perfect person is already employed, we represent your company with integrity and enthusiasm as we engage them. You’re able to focus on your business, while we find the people who will help you grow it.

Give your company the edge in a candidate’s market and contact a recruiter at Pivotal Talent Search today or call (646) 656-1091 to find your next hourly employee!