The Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced Recruiting Team

The Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced Recruiting Team | Pivotal Talent Search

As we slip into the holiday season and prepare to ring in 2019, businesses are setting goals and making plans for the new year. While companies may be seeking new talent to help them bring their dreams to fruition, one real hurdle stands in their way: it’s a candidate’s market. Historically low employment rates are making finding and retaining top talent increasingly difficult and expensive.

The good news? Bringing in an outsourced recruiting team to work alongside your trusted in-house recruiters can actually help you curb the costs of talent acquisition.

Here’s how:

The need for new talent ebbs and flows

Businesses grow and experience turnover often in unpredictable swells that require in-house recruiters to buckle down and find the right candidates for multiple positions. These periods of tall talent-orders are countered by slower months, when a company doesn’t need new staff. Rather than adding another salaried, full-time recruiter to payroll when your team gets busy, opt to outsource with a recruiting firm that can ebb and flow with your talent needs.

Painless breakup

When a company falls on hard times, in-house recruiting positions are typically the first to go. Severance packages can set you back thousands of dollars and if your business is already feeling stretched for cash, this expense can be extra painful. A recruiting firm doesn’t require three month’s (plus) pay when you no longer need their services.

Keep your HR team productive

Businesses that don’t have a designated recruiter in-house typically shift hiring responsibilities to their HR departments. Don’t lose your Human Resources team under the weight of talent acquisition. Help your valued employees avoid longer days, heavier workloads, and eventual burnout by bringing on a professional recruitment firm.

Extra perks with Pivotal

Unlike most recruiting teams, Pivotal charges a negotiated hourly fee for sourcing, engaging, and vetting potential candidates. Compared to traditional firms, this has saved our clients upwards of 30% on fees. We strive to save you money while acting as an extension of your team.

At Pivotal, finding the perfect candidate starts with getting to know your business – your company culture, hiring process, and the qualities you seek in the newest member of your team. Once we know who it is you are looking for, we find them. And if the right person is already employed, Pivotal represents your brand with enthusiasm and integrity as we engage them, bringing the best fit to your doorstep.

If you’re ready to start curbing hiring costs and growing your bottom line, contact a recruiter at Pivotal today or call (646) 656-1091.