Job Boards vs. Recruitment Agencies

Job Boards vs. Recruitment Agencies | Pivotal Talent Search

With historically low unemployment rates following the job market into the new year, leveraging the best methods of finding and obtaining top talent is critical for employers – particularly those hoping to fill high-level positions. So what are the best ways of acquiring fresh talent? How do recruiting agencies stack up against job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster?

Finding Qualified Candidates

Posting a position to a job board is an open call to any and all job seekers. The only requisites for these platforms are candidates willing to format resumes and hit ‘submit.’ What does this mean for your business? A job board can generate a pool of applicants. But in a candidate’s market where the most sought-after candidates are already employed – few are likely to be the top-tier talent you’re seeking. This means you or a member of your HR team will devote time, energy, and resources into sifting through resumes without a sure-fire (or even probable) return on investment.

Unlike job boards, recruiters aren’t limited to a specific website or single resource when scouting out the best person to join a team. Our recruiters utilize a worldwide network and decades worth of personal connections in the industry to find the right person for your business. We consider people actively seeking out their next adventure, as well as those gainfully employed. Wherever the ideal candidates are, we’re able to reach them. And you don’t have to spend precious hours of your workweek rifling through lackluster resumes.

Finding the Right Candidate

From company culture to the hard and soft skills you require in a prospective employee, there are elements to talent search that job boards simply cannot provide employers. Designed to bring resumes to your inbox rather than the right candidate to your door, job boards provide tentative matches based on surface level characteristics and qualifications rather over the ones that might truly matter in a candidate. This coupled with a small number of qualified candidates can result in hiring lukewarm talent that doesn’t align with your mission.

Our recruiters are well versed in recognizing the nuances of a role and identifying the unique skill sets that make for an ideal candidate in YOUR business. This might be the most important aspect of our job! We get to know your company – what your core values are, the qualities you find desirable in a team, and your vision for the role you’re looking to fill – then search beyond resumes to find you the perfect fit.

Creating a Positive Experience

Job boards can be as ineffective for job seekers as they are for employers. The platforms themselves provide few ways for talented candidates to stand out among hundreds of others competing for similar positions. Callouts for positions often remain posted long after a hire has been made, leaving applicants investing time, energy and hope into applications that will likely never be read, let alone responded to.

Don’t put potential future employees off by providing an impersonal, frustrating onboarding experience. Instead, opt for a recruiting agency that will represent your brand with integrity and enthusiasm (psssst – like Pivotal!).

Pivotal Talent Search strives to be an extension of your team. We’ll take hiring off your to-do list while we source, engage, and vet potential candidates. If you’re ready to find the top talent you need to grow your business, contact a recruiter at Pivotal today or call (646) 656-1091.