The Job-Hopping Phenomenon

The Job-Hopping Phenomenon | Pivotal Talent Search

Generations of young professionals have carved out their careers through a series of job transitions. Whether climbing the ranks within a single company or taking on new positions with a business that better suits them, talent seeks out opportunities to grow.

Enter job hopping. In today’s market, employees may change jobs as often as every two to three years. This frequent shift can lead to desired titles and higher salaries for career-driven individuals, but companies are paying more in hiring and onboarding costs while scrambling to keep the talent they’ve invested in.

So how do you hang on to your MVPs?

The good news is, it might not be as difficult as you’d think. Contrary to popular belief, lengthy resumes are not always indicative of a candidate’s short attention span, but rather evidence of knowing what it is they want from their workplace – and taking chances to get it.

Follow these tips to attract (and retain!) top-tier talent:

Encourage professional development.

Motivated employees are constantly seeking learning opportunities. While investing in the development of your employees’ expertise is an excellent place to start, allowing space for exploration is a great way to keep your talent in your company. Is your designer interested in coding? Or perhaps the receptionist is looking for some project management experience? Equip your team with the tools they need to learn from (and teach) one another, and you’ll have stronger leaders with expanded skill sets ready to jump in and fill gaps when necessary.

Create a strong company culture.

More than ever, people want to feel fulfilled by the work they do every day. By creating a strong company culture, employers add a layer of substance and meaning to their mission, vision, and values. Share your company’s goals and your “why” with job candidates to see if their personal motivations align with those of your business. And don’t forget to share these things with your current employees, too! Reiterating your company’s true purpose and the importance of your team’s work (and doing so often) keeps everyone in sync, coordinated and driven toward common goals. And don’t underestimate the value of celebrating your wins and carving out a little time for some team building. Make your company the kind of place that is difficult to leave.

Provide opportunities for growth.

Working for an innovative organization with an engaging company culture is excellent – but without room for advancement, how long would it keep you? Higher salaries and the chance to swing farther up the career ladder are imperative to the longevity of your employees. If wages are capped and hiring from within is a rarity, employees will make a strategic shift out of your office and into someone else’s.

Offer flexibility.  

We live in a high-tech, digital age. Employees expect to have the tools they need to do their jobs, possibly from anywhere. Even if you aren’t running a virtual office, having the infrastructure in place to enable your team to work remotely is an increasingly popular perk. Days spent working from home, a coffee shop, or oceanside can keep work/life balance in check, and curb lethal burnout.

 Want to learn more?

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