How to Hire in a Candidate’s Market

How to Hire in a Candidate's Market | Pivotal Talent Search

Combat the talent shortage by casting a wide net, marketing your employer brand, and speaking to growth opportunities.

For the first time in 30 years, there are more job openings than people looking for work. This means we’re in a candidate’s market and finding the right person for your team may prove more difficult than in years past. While a talent shortage may sound daunting, we’ve compiled a few ways of finding (and winning over) the cream of the crop.

Cast a wide net

Sure, the unemployment rate is shrinking – but that doesn’t mean the talent has left the building. It’s just in another building, in another office, with a different employer. While companies have traditionally advertised to people actively seeking out new opportunities, tapping the shoulders of the most qualified candidates (even if they’re gainfully employed) can get you the people you’re looking for.

According to a recent study by LinkedIn, 87% of the workforce is open to new job opportunities and 89% claim that being contacted by a recruiter would sway them to accept an offer faster. Why settle for the less-than-qualified when your next best employee might be ready for their next adventure?

Speak to growth opportunities

Research done by MRI Network reveals that candidates open to making a job move are primarily motivated by opportunities to advance their career. You can use this information to benefit your company in two ways:

  • Winning over prospective new hires by speaking to how they can grow with your company
  • Retaining the valuable talent you already have with real opportunities to sharpen their skillsets

If you’re looking to hold on to key players, be sure to challenge and incentivize them. Even if you aren’t able to promise a specific next step up the corporate ladder, providing opportunities for employees to learn valuable skills and even make lateral moves can keep them interested and energized in the work, as well as the company culture.

Speaking of…

Market your employer brand

In attempts to lure in top talent, many companies have been offering more. More money, more benefits, more amenities to potential employees. While this an effective strategy for capturing interest, candidates are now much more likely to look beyond numbers.

What holds more weight than a high salary? Employer brand. An alignment with company culture coupled with room for growth is becoming increasingly important to job seekers.  Career-driven individuals in every sector of the workforce are looking for positive work environments fueled by a mission, vision, and values they believe in.

While every individual may be on the hunt for a specific combination of company traits, there are cultural elements that are currently in high demand, such as:

  • Investment in employee development
  • Flexibility to work remotely
  • Ample opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others
  • High value placed on employee input
  • Clear expectation of employees

People want to be happy in their workplace just as much as they want to be paid well. As it happens, this shift in paradigm is also beneficial to employers. By bringing on a new hire that is already knowledgeable and attracted to the personality of your company, you’re setting yourself (and your new team member) up for a more productive, enriching work place.

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