Traditional Recruiters Struggle in a Tight Labor Market

Traditional Recruiters Struggle in a Tight Labor Market | Pivotal Talent Search

Ghosting. Generally a term thrown around in the dating world, to ‘ghost’ is to abandon communications with someone you’ve been speaking with regularly over time.

No longer a phenomenon exclusive to singles with dating apps, ghosting has become par for the course for many recruiters. HR departments and hiring specialists alike are being met with radio silence after initiating contact with candidates, prospective employees are failing to show up for interviews, and new-hires simply never arrive for their first day of work.

Why are recruiters being regularly stood up by applicants? The unemployment rate is lower than it has been in decades and candidates know the market is theirs for the taking. The competition for talent is stiff and building relationships with recruiters is less important to active job seekers when opportunities abound.

So, in a time when applicant pools are shallow and recruiters are struggling with phantom prospects, how do companies ensure their hiring costs aren’t without a return on investment?

At Pivotal Talent Search, we’ve developed a unique approach to talent acquisition that alleviates recruiter (and employer) woes.

We’re always active.

While traditional recruiters serve as screeners, Pivotal recruiters actively seek out qualified candidates, regardless of their employment status. Rather than waiting for resumes to stack up on our desks, we do the necessary recon and sourcing work to find not the most readily-available candidate for a new job, but the best person for the role.

We find the top-tier.

By tapping into the already-employed labor market, Pivotal has access to more first-rate talent than recruiters who wait for applicants to roll in. Because gainfully-employed candidates would have to see great value in a potential employer to engage with recruiters, the risk of ghosting dwindles dramatically.

We’re there when you need us (and not when you don’t).

The need for a recruiter often comes in waves. When companies are not seeking new hires, in-house recruiters are often left with little to do until it’s time to find the next wave of talent. With Pivotal, employers can reap the benefits of expert recruiters without having to pay for a salary or severance package when things slow down. We’re here to help only when you need it.

Your success is our success.

Your success is our success, and so far, we’ve never failed to fill a position that was ours to fill! We attribute our 100% success rate to our dedicated recruiters who get to know what exactly it is you are looking for, the position you need to fill, and your company culture before setting out to find the perfect fit. We’ll deliver the best candidates to your door, every time.

Pivotal Talent Search strives to be an extension of your team. We believe in representing your brand with integrity on our quest to source, engage, and vet potential candidates. If you’re ready to find the top talent you need to grow your business, contact a recruiter at Pivotal today or call (646) 656-1091.