Why You Now Need to Sell Your Company to Candidates

Recruiter Interviewing Candidates | Pivotal Talent Search

From producing a memorable resume to making a lasting impression during an interview, job-seekers have traditionally worked to sell themselves to prospective employers. Now, in a candidate’s market, the tables are turning. Recruiters and HR reps are scrambling to shift from screener to salesperson – working to convince the candidates of all the reasons they should come aboard. In a shallow candidate pool, failure to sell prospective hires on your company results in vacant positions, an understaffed workforce, or else lowering hiring standards to fill a position.

Now more than ever it’s imperative that your company has value to offer potential candidates (in the form of a happy workplace, fulfilling work, opportunities for education and advancement, flexibility, good pay, benefits, etc.) – and that your recruiters have both the knowledge and know-how to close them on it.

What’s caused the switch?

For the first time in three decades, there are more job openings than candidates to fill them. With more options, multiple offers, and real negotiating power, candidates are often empowered to choose from a pool of courting companies. So much so that employers and recruiters are seeing an upward tick of ghosting in prospective candidates during the recruiting process or new hires on their first days of work. These candidates often go MIA because they had a better experience with another company during the interview process, received a better offer elsewhere, or were enticed to stay with their current employer. Current employees are in a similar boat. With bountiful opportunities, employees need not remain with an employer that doesn’t offer the benefits or flexibility they’re looking for – or align with their values and aspirations.

The good news? Capturing and retaining the interest of talent is absolutely possible and can start with the right recruiter. But the role of a recruiter is expanding. Your business can no longer afford to settle for inactive recruiters who wait for the resumes to come to them and pass along a few that “look good.” This simply won’t get the job done and result in a successful hire in today’s market.

The recruiters at Pivotal Talent Search represent modern recruiting. We work closely with hiring managers to gain a full understanding of not only the position you’re looking to fill – but the nuances of your company’s team and culture. Our team then actively reaches out to those candidates (the best of whom are often already employed elsewhere) we believe would be the perfect fit for your business. We do so with enthusiasm, integrity, and the best interests of your business and the candidate in mind. This includes considering the opportunity for growth and career advancement the position offers the candidate. We communicate each of these things in a compelling way so that your candidate has the full picture of your business and every reason to consider joining your team. On the flip side, you will also receive qualified candidates with the potential to bring value to and expand your business.

Pivotal Talent Search is here to advocate for your business. Our recruiters love recruiting – and understand that their role is more than collecting and skimming resumes. That’s what job boards are for (and we know how often those work out). Real recruiters dig into the details, go above and beyond, and find the perfect match for your business. That’s exactly what Pivotal will do for you!

Want to learn more?

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